Sunday, September 17, 2006

Waiting for the Baby Bus

History, Part VI - The Waiting is the Hardest Part

P.Pie took the Clomid, a donation was given by yours truly, the insertion completed by Doc Dos’s assistant, and all we could do is wait.

Here we hit a bit of a moral conundrum.

Do we act like we’re pregnant – no drinking, no shellfish, no sushi, no motorcycle riding, no skiing, no, no, no, no… – or do we go about our business as if nothing has happened and party like it’s 1999?

Well, you are probably asking yourselves, “Jeez, are these two really ready for parenthood if they can’t lay off the partying for two weeks?” Your concern would be valid if we were going bar hopping nightly or we were club rats, but such is not the case.

Instead, we had been invited to a motorcycle rally by my dad, The Duke*, and his wife (my step-mother), Pin*. We were going to ride the motorcycle some 3000 miles over the course of seven or eight days. Along the way we would camp, eat out, and drink some beers. Would that be safe?

We decided to go based on two reasons:
  1. When The VP* was pregnant with Gunslinger*, but didn’t know it, she took a tour of Italy, drink wine and ouzo all the way. She was back in the states for two weeks before she went to the doctor to discover her ‘condition’ and Gunslinger turned out fine.
  2. We had thought we were pregnant on a number of occasions, only to be sorely disappointed.

Why miss a great rally on a new motorcycle (new to us, a 2003 HD Road King Police Edition)? So we went. Sun, wind, and motorcycles for a week.

Of course, the only thing we could think about was: were we or weren’t we?

For all her talk about our past ‘not pregnants’, P.Pie really treated the trip like she was pregnant (i.e., slow down, no beer for me, I'm going to get the picture). When we got home, we pulled out the official pregnancy test. It was a real heart thumper; who could believe that 60 seconds could take so long?

Of course the results were positive. We were officially pregnant(!). We would learn a few days later that we were having twins.

And so ends the history portion of our blog. Moving forward, this blog will share the ins and outs of pregnant life – thoughts, concerns, and the daily rigamarole.

All right, come back often. Tell your friends. Thanks. ~rob

*not their real names


Blogger Motorkitty said...

My husband and I are planning a ride out to the BMW rally in mid July in WI. It would be a relatively short ride 4 or 5 hours. We are currently TTC. Who knows if we will even be pregnant by then?

My question is, would your wife have gone if she knew she was like 8 weeks pregnant? I know the first trimester is the most dangerous.

I REALLY REALLY want to go but I'm a little scared.

4/19/2007 11:27 AM  

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